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The John Leonard Press is home to some of Australia’s finest new and established poets: thirty-one titles have been published to date, including twenty-nine new single-author volumes, one anthology and one critical volume. These have appeared since August 2006 to considerable acclaim.
We publish what we believe to be of outstanding quality. The books are beautiful to look at and to open. They radically vary in poetic styles but all beguile into reading at a speaking pace, and to returning.
The selection of poems here is quite extensive from each JLP book. This makes possible a proper browsing, like that which intending readers might do in a bookshop before they decide to buy. We intend this part of the website to be its most enjoyable.

John Leonard is commissioning editor. He taught at Monash and James Cook universities, and is the well-known anthologist of Seven Centuries of Poetry in English (OUP). He has also edited five landmark Australian anthologies, including the recent full survey, The Puncher & Wattmann Anthology of Australian Poetry, 2009, and Young Poets: An Australian Anthology, 2011. (Several John Leonards inhabit the literary globe. Note that ours is not a poet, and has no other website.)